What Are Structural Calculations? Will You Need Them?

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What Are Structural Calculations? Will You Need Them?

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Structural Engineer Working On Structural Calculations

A structural calculations report provides a full outline of design and build work to be carried out. It is minutely detailed and will include such information on how the foundations are to be dug, materials required, structural works, supporting walls, measurements, beams, joists, rafters, load bearings and concrete reinforcement or steel connection calculations. The report will be created by a qualified structural engineer.

The structural calculations report is vital and forms part of the governments building regulations that ensure the safety of a new building. It also helps the chosen builder prepare for the build, identifying potential problems to avoid or solutions which will save the customer money in the long term.

Often clients are unsure if a wall is load-bearing and if it can be removed safely. An engineers survey & report will clear up any confusion & provide the right solution.

The structural calculations can help to resolve disputes should they arise. If there is negligence on the design or builders side the engineers expertise will help in this case or if there are unavoidable changes the builder needs to make that will cause additional cost to the customer the engineer’s calculations can give them the evidence they need to back their claim of required additional work or alterations.

When Do You Require Structural Calculations? 

Any home extension or loft conversion will require structural calculations. If you are carrying out an extensive home refurbishment that involves removing load bearing walls or chimney breasts, you will also need them.

Who Arranges Structural Calculations? 

If you already know a good engineer then you can arrange this for yourself, but usually the engineer works hand in hand with the architect or surveyor. They work together to ensure the specification works from an aesthetic & practical point of view.

Who Pays For Structural Calculations? 

The client will need to cover the cost of this. It’s difficult to give an accurate price until the engineer has had sight of the drawings, as usually the cost is based on time or the number of steel beams requiring calculation.

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