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New Design Service

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Jeffery and Wilkes are introducing a brand new design service as an optional extra from January 2016.

Surging property prices and increased demand for space often mean that a house extension or loft conversion can be the most cost effective solution and allow you to stay settled in the same house.

With so many different layouts and options available it can be hard to decide what will work best for you and your home. Our affordable new space planning and design service will tailor make a solution for you and your family, and the service will, in most cases, cost less than 1% of the project cost.

Jeffery and Wilkes Design Service

Experience has taught us that many people find it difficult to visualise an architect’s plans, so we are not offering a simple interior design service.

We are providing a complete space-planning and 3D visualisation service to help you plan the ‘flow’ of the room, where the walls and storage should be, considering how each member of the household will use the space, maximise living and storage areas and maximise your new space.

The visuals will allow you to build a solid understanding of your options and then we will develop a final 3D design. This design will include furniture (existing or generic to provide a sense of scale), flooring and colours, allowing you to fully visualise the final product.

Our design team will setup a meeting to discuss your requirements and can also help you put together an interior scheme, source the ideal fixtures, finishes and furniture if you wish.

Why Should I Consider Using This Service?

You are investing both time and money into your new space. Start the process strongly and you can be rest assured that the final product will be delivered exactly as you wish.

A poorly designed loft conversion or extension could leave you with many sections of the room that are unusable, wasting space and the opportunity the project provides. In order to maximise and make most of the space that you have, it is important that the project is well-designed from the start. One size does not fit all. What would be the perfect loft conversion or extension for your next door neighbour may not be right for your family and home. Therefore a properly-planned space should take into account the way you want to live your life, the essentials your family needs.

If you would like more information about our exciting new service, please contact Jeffery and Wilkes on 020 8819 3883 email< or contact us via the website.