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Transform your loft conversion with these top 6 ideas

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More and more people are opting for a loft conversion, but not just any loft conversion. People are showcasing creativity when it comes to transforming their lofts. To help give you some inspiration, we’ve put together six ideas to transform your loft conversion. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists.

1. Home office

In today’s digital age, lots of people either work from home or are given the opportunity to work from home through their jobs. This is particularly true in bigger cities. If you’ve been given this opportunity, why not transform your loft conversion into a productive office space? By having a separate room in the house that’s dedicated to working, you can stay focused and motivated, ensuring you separate home and work life. You can also create an office space that suits you and your quirks. The design of a loft conversion also means you’ll receive the perfect amount of light which is needed for productivity levels. Your home office can also be useful to others who need a quiet space to study, complete homework or simply engage in some admin work.

2. Home cinema

Instead of going to the movies, why not bring the movies to you? Perfect for cold evenings, family nights in or simply a chance to relax after a long week at work. Transform your loft into your very own cinema, complete with a popcorn machine, comfortable chairs and of course, a great TV.

3. A bedroom

A practical use for your loft conversion could be a bedroom or guest room. If you’ve got a large family then you’ll often find you have lots of visitors, so why not create an extra space for them by transforming your loft conversion into a bedroom? It’s perfect for those special occasions when someone needs a place to stay, or another bedroom if you’re planning to extend your family.
4. A home gym

Life can be busy, and it can often be difficult to find the time to join a gym and stick to a routine of visiting. You can eliminate that problem by transforming your loft conversion into your own personal gym. Fill it with the equipment you need for your progress and you’ll no longer have an excuse not to go. This is perfect for those who work at home or those who need to be home in the evening to look after the children.

5. A tranquil library

Sometimes all we need is an hour or so on our own, especially when life gets stressful. Why not transform your loft conversion into a library filled with all your favourite books, crosswords, puzzles, and escape from the day-to-day nature of home life to a room that’s tranquil and relaxing. You could even add a coffee/tea station to complement your relaxation.

6. Music room

If you play an instrument or simply enjoy listening to music then transform your loft conversation into a music room. It’s the highest room in the house so a perfect place to practice an instrument without causing disturbance to other members of the household, or listen to music whilst unwinding for the evening.