Why a loft conversion is great even on a tight budget -

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Why a loft conversion is great even on a tight budget

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If you love the property you live in and the location is ideal for work, good schools and your social life then you won’t be planning to move anytime soon. However, if you’ve recently taken the decision to work from home, start up a business or you simply want more space to live, breathe and grow, a loft conversion might be the perfect way to add a home office or a hobby room even on a tight budget. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists. 

The advantages of moving up

If you want to create extra space without spending a fortune, then a loft conversion will free up space under the eaves without the need for planning permission. Work with an experienced design and build company and you’ll exploit all the potential in this extra square footage. Stay within the footprint of the existing loft space and you’ll stay within the confines of even the tightest budget and avoid the need for planning permission, making this a straightforward and hassle-free conversion.

A room of your own

Although creating an extra bedroom and en-suite bathroom is the most usual configuration for a loft conversion you can also create a spacious home office and meeting space that will help you make significant savings on renting office space for your start up. Likewise, a hobby room, dance studio or rehearsal room in your own home will give you a spacious place to practice a favourite pastime whenever you please.

Reduce your footprint

Take the opportunity of refurbishing your loft to refresh your home’s infrastructure with solar panels and an energy-efficient combi-boiler that will free up extra space when you remove your water tank. Ensure that the conversion is insulated above and beyond standard regulations and you’ll drive down your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint – perfect if you’re an eco-friendly family on a budget.

Unlock value

However tight your budget, always opt for a renovation that will both add value to your home and increase the flexibility of the living space for your family whether that’s a playroom/entertaining space or a studio for an au pair. By unlocking the potential of this previously unused space, you’ll inject a 20% boost into the long-term value of your property which means that when you come to sell you’ll significantly increase your options for your next home. Don’t forget to add a bathroom as this alone can add 5% to the value of your house and makes your loft conversion an attractive and flexible space for both work and play.