Part 6 of Our 8 Part Guide To Your Ideal Loft Conversion - Storage -

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Part 6 of Our 8 Part Guide To Your Ideal Loft Conversion – Storage

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Due to shape and often restricted size, loft conversions must use the most innovative ideas possible to create storage solutions that don’t clutter the new room. Storage doesn’t have to look ugly! There are many ways you can introduce practical storage solutions that do not detract from the overall style and design of your room. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists. 

Wall Niches

A stylish and modern solution for loft conversions, but something that you will need to think about in the planning stages. You can create niches in a feature wall that can be used for all sorts of things; storage for ornaments, light features or a quirky bookcase for example. In many Victorian homes, the area in between two chimneys can be used as a niche.

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Bespoke Furniture

If you are thinking of interesting ways to create a storage area that fits in the space you have available, bespoke furniture can be the perfect solution. A cupboard that fits in a sloping wall, a custom fitted walk-in wardrobe in the corner or multi-functional shelving that also provides a workspace. You may be surprised what a good carpenter can do with the space provided.

Pocket, Folding or Sliding Doors

If you are fitting a bathroom into your loft or creating a space with multiple rooms or a landing, the choice of your entrance door can make all the difference to the space around it. A door that opens in the conventional way needs space in front of it when it opens. On the other hand, a sliding door can have storage in front or behind it as the door just slides easily across the wall, or folds neatly away by the wall next to it.

Eaves Storage

The eaves in a loft conversion can be a redundant space unless you plan to crawl around on all fours! Boxing them off to create cupboard space is a practical way to use this space. Eaves storage can be quite inconspicuous, matching the décor of the walls so that it goes virtually unnoticed.

Chimney Storage

If you have worked your new loft conversion around an unused chimney you can make use of this feature for storage. Shelving, a recess for a TV screen, or perhaps you can install a wood burner into it.

Floating Shelves

Using floating shelves to display ornaments or books can create the desired illusion of more space without the need for a large piece of furniture. Floating shelves can also be used creatively to add a design element to the room.

Stair Storage

When creating your staircase, if you have opted for traditional style treads, why not get the architect or designers to add storage or drawer space underneath. There is often a large area under stairs that gets wasted, so this is an ideal solution if you are tight on storage space.

Build a Partition

This may seem like something that would actually take space away from the room but if you are looking for innovative storage solutions, sometimes a free standing partition wall can help create a practical storage unit on one side and a place for the bedrest on the other. With space at a premium in London, this is one of the most important areas to get right.

Start planning your storage solutions at the design stage of your loft conversion project. Remember to keep in mind what the space will be used for and what you want to be able to do with it when thinking about how you will create enough storage

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