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Creating Space To Hide Away – Could Your Loft Become Your Retreat?

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People generally think of converting the loft to provide an extra bedroom, but sometimes it’s not only somewhere to sleep that’s needed. A space to hide away, relax, and have some ‘me time’, is equally as important as guest bedroom.  Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists.

If you feel like there’s no space in your house to breathe, nowhere for you to escape the demands of family life, or the endless jobs that need doing to keep the average UK household going; how about a loft conversion that becomes your special retreat?

Here are some ideas for creating a special space in your loft, just for you:

Luxury En-Suite Bathroom

The ultimate retreat in our view has to involve a stylish new bedroom, featuring large freestanding spa bath, an adjoining luxury bathroom with a walk-in massaging or steam shower, underfloor heating and Egyptian cotton bath towels! If this sounds like your idea of heaven, why not bring the spa experience to the top of your house.

Key considerations when converting your loft to include a luxury bathroom include:

Plumbing – ideally you should site basins, showers, and baths in a location that allows your existing plumbing to be extended to reach the loft. Typically waste and supply pipes are at the back or side of a property. This will make it easier to install your new bathroom, and therefore less expensive.

Water pressure – getting water up to your loft can be a little tricky depending on your mains water pressure and boiler. Generally there is enough pressure for cold water (to fill the toilet cistern and basin) but hot water may be more challenging. Combi boilers, that heat water on demand, are generally better at this job. For showers you can opt for a shower with a pump.

Ventilation – all that steam will need to go somewhere so you’ll need an extractor fan, preferably a quiet one so it doesn’t disturb your relaxation time.

Flooring – lofts are generally not built to hold the weight of a bathroom – just think how heavy your freestanding bath will be when it’s full of water! However, this issue is solvable by strengthening the ceiling joists (which will actually be under your loft flooring), and using the right waterproof flooring.

Grownup Living Room

A retreat doesn’t have to involve warm water, aromatherapy oils and mood lighting! It could be space away from the children – a grown up space where plastic toys and sticky fingers are kept at bay!

How about creating a snug just for you and your partner? Or a cinema room or grown up games room? Alternatively you could create a space for entertaining friends – a lounge with a bar or kitchen facilities.

To give this space the wow factor we recommend that you maximise the light. Go for big windows where feasible, and explore feature windows such as tiered skylights or a single large window with a Juliet balcony on one wall.

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