Do I need Planning Permission for a Loft Conversion? 

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Do I need Planning Permission for a Loft Conversion? 

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Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists. In most cases you will not need planning permission for a loft conversion if it falls in line with permitted development.  

However if you are planning to change the roof space and it is outside of the permitted limits then you will need to apply for planning permission.  

The following situations may mean that you need to apply for planning permission : –

  • Your roof space exceeds 40 cubic meters for terrace houses or 50 cubic meters for detached or semi-detached . 
  • You plan to extend higher than the highest part of the current roof .
  • You require a walk on balcony . 
  • The materials or style do not match the existing  setup.
  • If the roof enlargement is going to overhang the outer wall of the original house  . 
  • You are living in a conservation area . 

You will also need to ascertain if the roof has been extended in the past. This will then have to be factored into the allowance.  

 If you are living in a flat or maisonette and want to have a loft conversion that extends out of the roof, you will require planning permission. Check out our article ‘Can you add an extension or loft conversion to your flat?’