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Part 8 of Our 8 Part Guide To Your Ideal Loft Conversion – Latest Technology

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Angie Wilkes - Part 8 of Our 8 Part Guide to Ideal Loft Conversions

Technology is advancing quickly and that includes products you can use in your home to make your life much easier and to really stand out and have all your friends envious of your unique loft conversion.   Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists.

This article explores some of the options you can add to your loft conversion to create the wow factor.

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Smart lofts and smart home automation
Creating a new room in your home is a great opportunity to also update your property and introduce technology solutions that offer convenience and the wow factor to your loft. Almost everything today has the ability to connect to the internet, allowing you to control your automated home system from your phone or tablet.
Smart home automation can connect your thermostat and heating system to the internet so that, with the flick of a button, you can set the temperature of your loft, even if you are out of the house. This is especially useful if you plan to return home early and want to warm up your room, or if you want to turn off pre-programmed heating because you’re running late.
Similarly, you can also control your lighting. Turn lights on and off from downstairs or when you’re out. Blinds can also be connected to your home automation system so you can control the lifting and rising of the blinds from your phone. This is particularly useful when you have a lot of rooflights that are hard to reach; it also removes the need for remotes, which can quite easily be lost
If you think your loft is too far away for you to hear your doorbell, you can connect your doorbell and alarm system to your home automation system and you can open the door to friends all the way from your loft! If you include your home security in this, you can add a camera to your front door and see a remote video feed of who’s ringing the bell.
Whether you are using your loft as a bedroom, living area or even a home entertainment room, the Internet of Things (IoT) provides many opportunities to give your loft conversion the wow factor. A smart automation system can control the speakers and entertainment systems in your loft so you can play music or stream films from the comfort of your phone. A popular choice in home automation is to create an in-wall or in-ceiling speaker system so that every room is able to play its own music or you can even have the same music running through the entire house. The choice is yours!
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