The 4 Main Types of Loft Conversions 

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The 4 Main Types of Loft Conversions 

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Types of Loft Conversion

Everyone has heard of a loft conversion, but are you aware there are different types? This guide will take you through the 4 main types of loft conversions, how they differ and the pro’s and cons of each solution. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists. 


  1. Rooflight Loft Conversion 

A rooflight conversion is built within the existing roofline of your house.  

The Pro’s – Rooflight loft conversions are cost effective. They tend to be much cheaper than dormer loft conversions. Usually, there is no need for planning permission and allow you to let in more natural light. 

The Con’s  – The conversion will have less space compared to other options.


  1. Dormer Loft conversion 

A dormer loft conversion is where the roof structure is altered and an extension is added to the existing roof creating extra floor space and headroom. 

The Pro’s – A dormer loft conversion allows for the maximum space and can be added to many different house types. Staircase fitting is simplified as you can usually install the new staircase above your current staircase.

 The Con’s – A dormer loft conversion tends to cost more and also take longer to complete.  


  1. Hip to Gable Loft Conversion 

A hip to gable loft conversion is created when a property with a hipped roof is extended to the side of the roof to create a straight gable roof.

The Pro’s – a hip to gable loft conversion can often be accompanied with a rear dormer loft conversion adding maximum space. They can also look more natural from the outside when compared with a dormer conversion. 

 The Con’s – They can be more expensive than dormer conversions, and you cannot have them on a mid-terrace house.


  1. Mansard Loft Conversion 

A mansard loft conversion is created when you raise the walls either side and then add the structure between the two new wall extensions. 

The Pro’s  – a mansard loft conversion will give you lots of extra space! It also gives you provides many opportunities for windows and increased natural light.

 The Con’s – a mansard loft conversion usually requires planning permission, it can be a lot more expensive and takes longer to construct. 


If you are in West London or the surrounding home counties and are considering a loft conversion contact the experts at Jeffery & Wilkes today on 020 88193883 or email to arrange for your free consultation and quotation.