Three reasons why a loft conversion could change your life

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Three reasons why a loft conversion could change your life as you know it

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A loft conversion seems simple enough: opening up unused space in your house to give you extra square feet, a larger room or some of that natural light from the roof that your house lacks. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how London loft conversions can actually make a much bigger difference than that, and change your life. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists.

New horizons

Space is a bit of a problem in London, there are many hobbies that you simply can’t indulge yourself in within the confines of the capital because you just don’t have space. Whether it’s a hankering for an art project, to an engineers workshop, to a space of your own to dance, sing or play an instrument, it often requires a spare room that many people just don’t have. With a loft conversion, you can open up that extra space within your existing footprint, and create a great new area to do whatever you want in. This can spark a whole new side to your life you never explored before – both in terms of your free time and your social life, as you go to clubs, meet up and practice your new hobby in your newly converted space.

Added value

While a loft conversion can create a great space for you, loft conversions in London are well known to be a honeypot for home buyers – sometimes adding as much as 20% to the value of your home. By opting for a loft conversion you can change your life by injecting a huge amount of capital into your finances when you finally sell your home. Whether it’s a place in the country, a foreign pad by the sea or a big new motorhome for a worldwide adventure – it can all be made possible just by converting your loft and unlocking your home’s potential.

Green fingers

A loft conversion doesn’t just need to be a great new space, it can also be an asset to your finances in the short term too. Designing a new loft space gives you a blank canvas to work with in terms of your green infrastructure, and you’ve got lots of options to play with to make it into an eco-haven and save money on your bills too. Most energy lost in a house goes through the roof, so speak to your designer about insulation, LED lighting, energy saving glass and other options you have, and you can stop the waste in its tracks.