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6 compelling reasons why you need a loft conversion

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With house prices in major UK cities perpetually on the rise, homeowners and landlords across the country are constantly on the lookout for ways in which to increase the value of their properties. Loft conversions are often the first port of call in this regard, and with good reason. A decent loft conversion essentially adds an extra floor to your home, meaning a successful conversion could mean the difference between selling up and moving to a bigger house or staying put in the home you’ve grown to love. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists. 


Loft conversions are fast becoming a more popular alternative to selling up and buying a larger home, as selling a home (particularly in this current climate) can be stressful and is often unnecessary. London loft extensions are increasingly common given the premium put on space in the city, and many London homeowners are choosing to convert their loft spaces into extra bedrooms. This can either be for their own use or as potential rooms to be rented out to permanent or temporary lodgers and holidaymakers for a little extra income.


To give you a brief insight into just how valuable a loft conversion could be, here are six reasons why it’s a renovation you should be seriously considering:


Wasted space


Whether you’re a renter or an owner, you are paying (or have paid) for that currently vacant space sitting pretty above your head as it literally gathers dust. When weighing up the potential costs of a loft conversion against the extra value it will bring to your home, you’ll soon realise just how valuable that space could be.


Resale value


Whilst you might not be even considering selling up just yet, loft conversions have been known to increase the value of a city property by as much as 22%, so it’s always a wise investment to make. A conversion can often be cheaper than an extension, as you’re simply making the most of existing space.




A converted loft space can serve whatever purpose you desire (within reason). If you work from home and desire a little extra space in the home office in which to work, play, relax and occasionally entertain clients, an expanded and converted loft space is the obvious and smart choice. Alternatively, you could add another bedroom to your home (significantly affecting the value) or even create a hobby room or playroom for the kids, so you can enjoy entertaining downstairs whilst the kids run riot above.


Exceptional views


If you’re looking for a space in which to live, breathe and grow, a loft conversion can be just the ticket, with the extra height literally giving you a fresh perspective on your neighbourhood. Consider installing a skylight or a large Juliette balcony to really take advantage of the extra natural light, warmth and stunning views that a loft conversion can offer.




There are numerous types of conversion available, which will be suitable for almost all loft sizes, designs and builds. “Velux” conversions utilise only the existing space, “Dormer” conversions extend the roof slightly to allow for more space, and “Mansard” conversions extend the roof significantly.


Relative ease


Getting planning permission for a loft conversion or extension is generally not required unless your home is Grade 2 listed or in a conservation area. As long as you stay within permitted development limits, do not extend past the highest point of the roof and the building materials used are consistent in appearance with the rest of your home, there should be no legal barrier to your loft conversion company in West London cracking on with the job.


Once your loft conversion is finished and the new space is ready to be filled with love, life and laughter, you’ll surely ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner!