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5 Tips For Adding Style To Your Loft Conversion

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It may be tucked away in the roof but your loft conversion doesn’t have to compromise on style. Yes, you will have practical consideration like sloping ceilings, reduced headroom and access points to consider, but with the tips below you can also create a space that makes your neighbours green with envy! And if you want to add value to your home, a super stylish loft conversion will help you achieve the top asking price for your property; you’ll be fighting off the buyers! Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists.

1. Make Your Loft A Feature Room

Your loft space can be extended and remodelled up to a point. However, you will have to work with certain features such as sloping ceilings, roof beams and other structure elements. Instead of trying to hide all these features and create a square box, use them to give your loft room some character. This will also maximise the available space, as you won’t need to box joists or beams in or have low ceilings to hide them.

2. Go For An Open Plan En-Suite

Adding a bathroom to your loft conversion will increase the value of your property and everyone can do with an extra toilet in their house! But creating two rooms in the loft can result in a small, confined bathroom and a bedroom that is not as luxurious as you might have hoped. The answer is to opt for an open plan en-suite, making the bathroom a feature of your bedroom. Of course you’ll want to hide away the toilet, but this can be achieved with a clever use of partitions or opaque glazed walls.

3. Have A Statement Storage Wall

Lots of furniture in a loft room can make it look cluttered; clutter is generally not stylish! However, you will want some storage, so replace chest of drawers and freestanding wardrobes with a feature storage wall using one wall of the loft. This can contain a multitude of different storage solutions, even concealed desks or dressing tables. To ensure it looks more stylish than functional, get a designer to create the storage you need and finish it so it makes an impact. For example by using statement wallpaper or wall vinyl.

4. Go Big With Windows

Add as many windows as possible and go as large as you’re allowed or can afford. Natural light really does give a loft conversion the wow factor. If you’re concerned about privacy, skylights and full length windows can be partially opaque or use smart glass technology that allows them to turned from transparent to opaque at the touch of a switch. Consider too adding full length glazed doors with a Juliet balcony to a gable end, maximising the sense of space and adding a great feature to the room.

5. Create A Roof Garden

If you like a room with a view, take it one step further by including a small roof garden into your loft conversion scheme. There’s nothing better than relaxing among the rooftops in your own private garden retreat. You can also bring the outside in by having a fully glazed wall separating your roof terrace from your loft room, creating a really stunning light and airy space.

Feeling inspired? Check out our portfolio section on our website for more ideas. If you would like to chat through your plans for a loft conversion with one of our experts, please get in touch. Call 0208 819 3883 or email hello@jefferyandwilkes.co.uk.