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5 brilliant loft conversion alternatives

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Loft conversions have risen in popularity in recent years as a way to add extra valuable space without the need to extend the actual footprint of your property. If you’ve decided to convert the loft in your home, but you’re not completely sure what it should be used for, then we can help. Below we have listed the top five uses for a London loft conversion to inspire your home renovation. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists. 


  1. Home office

More people are self-employed, have more flexibility to work remotely and have the opportunity to choose where they work. This is particularly true in big cities such as London, so why not convert your loft into a wonderful home office? Since your loft is above you, it can create a separation between work and home life. You can create a tranquil space to focus and Velux roof windows allow in the perfect amount of light. Given that the room is the furthest away from the rest of your home, it should be the quietest area. It can also be useful if you have children studying for exams who need some peace and quiet.


  1. Extra bedroom

If you have a large family then you’ll often have lots of friends and family coming to visit. Why not create an extra space for them to stay by transforming your loft into an extra bedroom? Not only does it allow you to enjoy the company of more people, but it’s great for birthday parties or special occasions when people need a place to rest their head.


  1. A home exercise studio

If you find yourself constantly busy with work and home life and find it difficult to find the space to exercise, stretch, breathe and meditate, then this is the perfect solution for you. By having an exercise studio in your home, you can save time travelling to the gym and keep up a regular practice, which is useful if you need to be at home with the children in the evening.


  1. A library

Sometimes we want to escape to a little space of our own. By creating a library area within your loft space, you can escape from the day-to-day nature of home life to a room that’s peaceful, calming and relaxing. Fill the area with books, crosswords, puzzles, a musical instrument or player to just relax and unwind with your favourite songs.


  1. An extra bathroom

An extra bathroom will always be useful. If you find that queues always seem to form at the bathroom in the mornings then consider using your loft conversion to add an extra shower or bath.


If you’re interested in a loft conversion, get in contact with the best London loft conversion company available. A trusted company that’s accredited by the highest standards of the industry with glowing reviews, there’s truly no one better for the job.