What is the "Larger Home Extension Scheme" or the "Neighbour Consultation Scheme"?

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The Larger Home Extension Scheme is Here to Stay!

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The neighbour consultation scheme or Larger home extension scheme is here to stay!

We have updated this article as previously this was a new scheme introduced that was only running until the end of May 2019 but we are pleased to inform you it has now been made permanent.

Over the past few weeks we have constantly been asked …

  • Will the neighbour consultation scheme be extended?
  • What is the neighbour consultation scheme?
  • What are the neighbour consultation scheme grounds for objection?
  • What is the larger home extension scheme?
  • Are the larger home extension scheme and the neighbour consultation scheme the same thing?
  • Will the larger home extension scheme be continued after May 2019?
  • Does this affect loft conversions?

We will answer all of that and more in this article.

Planning a home extension

The pre-planning stage of a construction project can sometimes feel daunting for a home-owner. Do I need planning permission? How far can I extend my home? Valid questions that can often be met with conflicting advice. Differing opinions can often confuse a homeowner may deter some from pursuing their dream home improvement.

Not all projects require such a complex planning process. Permitted development, also known as lawful development allows certain building work to take place without the need for planning permission.

Please watch this Youtube video posted by our MD Greg Wilkes for further information.


Although it’s not a legal requirement to apply for a lawful development certificate, when it comes to selling the property, it is good to have proof that the works completed falls within the regulations for the sake of £86. A permitted development application takes 8 weeks, like a planning application, to receive a final decision from the local authority.
It is important that the client employs a knowledgeable company to design the works to ensure it complies with permitted development. There is a risk of the building requiring alterations at a later date if works that have commenced prior to approval do not comply with the permitted development guidelines.

What is permitted development?

Permitted development allows you to build a home extension within the guidelines mentioned on the planning portal found here without the need for planning permission in the UK.

The rules for a home extension were as follows

A terraced house and a semi-detached house can be extended up to 3 meters and a detached house up to 4 meters from the original house.

Properties in a conservation area can build an extension under permitted development providing it complies with the following guidelines:

  • Does not have an article 4 direction*
  • Single storey
  • Matching style of the existing property
  • Depth of three meters if an attached property (mid terrace, end of terrace and semidetached)
  • Depth of four meters if a detached property
  • Meets all the other permitted development limitations

Neighbour consultation scheme

The neighbour consultation scheme allows homeowners to build a single storey extension of a much greater depth than setting out in the permitted development rules. This was previously only available until the end of May 2019, it has now been announced this is a permanent thing

A terraced house and semi-detached house can be extended up to 6 meters and a detached house up to 8 meters from the original house.

The neighbour consultation scheme, also known as prior notification requires a 21day period where the neighbours of the property in question have the right to object with valid reasoning as to why the extension must not be built. After this the local authority have a further 21 days to issue the go ahead.

There is no fee for a prior notification application, however once the statutory 42 day period is over, a fee will be payable for a lawful development certificate which takes 8 weeks to receive a decision.

Is the larger home extension scheme and neighbour consultation scheme the same thing?

In short, yes

What are the neighbour consultation scheme grounds for objection?

We recently wrote an article Can my Neighbour Stop my Home Extension here

This will advise you on the objections a neighbour may have to your home extension

Loft conversions

The Neighbour consultation scheme does not apply to loft conversions and there has been now additional size allowance that has been granted.

Permitted development also allows you to utilise and extend your loft space within the guidelines mentioned on the planning portal found here without the need for planning permission.

  • Unfortunately, properties in a conservation area cannot carry out a loft conversion under permitted development. This is stated on the planning portal permitted development guidelines ‘Roof extensions not to be permitted development in designated areas**’

A terraced house loft can be extended up to 40m3 (cubic meters) and a semi-detached and detached house loft can be extended up to 50m3.

*Article 4 directions – Restricting Permitted Development in Conservation and Heritage Areas

An article 4 direction is an additional layer of protection to the character of a building. It is advised that the homeowner contacts the local authority to determine whether their property has any planning restrictions that may impact their permitted development rights. An article 4 direction can cover one or multiple of the below.

  • Extensions 
  • Outside alterations such as new windows or door re-roofing or alterations to chimneys, ridge tiles etc.
  • Porches
  • Covering gardens in concrete or tarmac 
  • Taking down garden walls or fences to make car parking spaces
  • Putting up gates, fences or walls
  • Covering the walls by rendering or painting the brickwork.


**Designated areas include national parks and the Broads, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, conservation areas and World Heritage Sites.


Useful Chart

Rear Extension3 Meters3 Meters4 Meters
Loft Conversion40m340m350m3
Rear Extension – NCS6 Meters6 Meters8 Meters

Key –

NCS = Neighbour consultation Scheme

M3 = Meters Cubed