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Inspiring Bathroom Ideas – Jeffery and Wilkes

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If you have decided you need a new bathroom, it can be difficult to choose the style and bathroom furniture to include. The following ideas may provide inspiration for your project : –

This is a very simple clean bathroom, all white. Double sinks have become popular again. This modern style features grey tiles throughout the floor and walls. These are also trending in bathrooms right now with people looking for the clean, sleek look.

This contemporary bathroom is great for storage and the avoidance of clutter. Again with twin sinks. The large wall mirrors look great and the lighting above the sinks provide a clear view when doing hair and makeup or for men shaving etc. The pictures in the tiles make a bold statement.

If loft conversions create awkward spaces then you can make the best use of space available, as in the example above with the bathtub surrounded by greenery. We do wonder how easy it is to manage to look after the flowers and greenery though…


Another style of bathtub is white ceramic like the example above. The mirror feature is surrounded by brick slips.

Freestanding baths are a very popular option.

Heated towel rails are much better than traditional radiators. They look smart, increase the heating of the room and you can hang your towels on them for quick drying. A must-have for the modern bathroom.

There is a huge selection of tiles and styles available, so get on Pinterest, and/or go down to your local bathroom showroom and pick a style that suits you.

You could go completely off the common chart and choose a log cabin style bathroom, to feel like you’re in the middle of the woods whilst relaxing in your bath.

Another bath option to consider is a corner bath. We love the built-in storage with this bathroom.

Accessories can immediately add the feel of luxury.