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Ideas And Advice For Designing Your Loft Conversion

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Are You Confused About Your Design Options for Your Loft Conversion?

Here are some ideas to think about before designing your loft conversion. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading loft conversion specialists. 

1. Natural Light In Your Loft

An important factor to bear in mind when designing your loft is the natural light. Many loft rooms can appear quite dark so include as many windows as possible to maximise natural daylight.

2. Using The Space In Your Loft

Do not waste any space when designing your loft conversion, use the eaves to form cupboards instead of boarding them over. If you have unusual spaces, use them for bespoke shelves or units.

Consider using your loft for multi purposes for example when considering furniture, if you are using your loft as an extra living room for example why not get a sofa bed so it can double up as a guest room.

Have you thought about buying fitted furniture for your loft conversion? Whilst this does not come cheap it can be the best way to create maximum storage with unusual spaces and ensure there is no waste.

If you have dormer window, don’t leave the alcove unused, why not build a window seat?

If you create a study, it can be very easy to end up with a messy, disorganised room. Create lots of shelving space, low level cabinets so that your paperwork and folders can be kept tidy and in order.

3. The Stairs

Also a key consideration in maximising space for your loft conversion is the staircase, you do not want to lose too much space to this. If possible add the stairs above the existing staircase, if that is not possible consider a spiral staircase.

4. Decoration

Lofts are different to other rooms in the house that you would like to decorate. Where you have sloping walls/ceilings it is advisable that you paint them the same colour as the ceiling. Patterned wallpaper and dark colours are not advisable. If you have a lot of slopes, paint the whole room the same colour, try and stick with paler shades to maximise the light.

If you choose a neutral theme and brighten it up with bed covers, cushions and textiles this will light up your loft conversion and give it some flavour. Use mirrors where possible to reflect the light.

If it’s a child’s bedroom or playroom you are creating with your loft conversion then you will want something more exciting than neutral. Paint the walls in bright, sunny shades and add wall stickers.

5. Bathrooms And Plumbing

Perhaps you have decided on an extra bathroom in your loft conversion. This needs careful planning. Check that your current plumbing system can cope with the extra pressure needed to feed both the hot and cold water up an extra floor and, if not, work out if it’s cost-effective to upgrade it. Often the best place for a loft bathroom is directly above your existing bathroom, as this should ensure that you can connect to the drainage and water supplies without the need for excessive extra pipework.

A shower can be great use with a loft conversion but you need to ensure you have the headroom. Concealed shower fittings make good use of loft space.

6. Floors

Add lots of insulation to your new floor. If you have wooden flooring, cushion the below so it is not too noisy for those underneath.

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