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Great ways an extension can transform your home

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If you’re looking for more space, but don’t want to leave your home, then an extension to your property is the best way to go about it. Planning and designing an extension is ambitious but rewarding, and there is no feeling quite like the one you get once it’s all finished and you can see the final article. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house extension specialists.

And it’s not just about conservatories and attic conversions, either. There are many ways a carefully constructed home extension can transform your house.

Double your extension

It may seem strange, but building your extension over two storeys instead of one will ultimately be much more cost-effective. For example, if you’ve decided to extend your home to add a built-in garage, why not go the extra mile and add an extend the upper floor, too? With minimal extra effort at the design stage and building costs that are significantly cheaper than the ground floor (don’t forget, foundations and roofs were already included in the original, one-floor extension, so the only real extra is the walls and windows), you are doubling the size of your extension and what it adds to your home.

Reconfigure your home

Adding a home extension will affect the existing property in terms of natural light and shadow. This is something that is unavoidable, and part of the challenge when it comes to deciding how to go about it. One way is to take the opportunity to look at how the rest of the house can complement your new extension. Maybe now is the time to knock down that adjoining wall between the dining room and the kitchen, allowing a more natural flow of light from the front of the house? Perhaps you should consider installing patio doors, or maybe a skylight.

Work with glass

Again, we’re not just talking conservatories here. Another way to improve the natural lighting with your new home extension, and one that doesn’t involving touching a single brick in the existing house, is to use glass when building your extension. Modern, toughened glass can be used in place of walls, being just as sturdy and robust as brickwork without sacrificing the natural flow of light into the house. An added bonus is that it gives a wonderful, contemporary look to any building, making your house a work of art.

The ground beneath your feet

When we think of extensions, we often think out building outwards, or building up. We rarely give thought to building down, but there’s no reason not to. Most houses have cellar space, even if they’ve never been opened up before. The ideal place for a utility room, art studio or fully-fitted man-cave, you can have the luxury of added space for your family to live and breathe, without the need to change the outside of your property.