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House Extension Ideas

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House Extension Ideas

Are you considering adding an extension to your home? In London where space is tight, a great way to get the additional space you need without moving home is by adding a house extension.

What are some of the great ideas on how to use this additional space dependant on the type of extension that you are adding to your property? Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house extension specialists.

Rear Extensions

Rear extensions are one of the most popular house extensions to add because whether you are living in a detached house or a mid-terrace, often a rear extension can be added. Rear extensions do not always need planning permission either.

What do most people do with rear extensions? The majority of people extend the existing back room with a rear extension. You will often see an open plan kitchen/diner created or a large living space.



One thing we highly recommend considering at the design stage is natural light. Bifold doors & roof-lights are a great way to do to enhance the natural light.



Kitchen Extension Ideas

What are the reason people are opting to extend the kitchen area? Throughout history lifestyles tend to go in trends, and these days the kitchen are often the social point of a home instead of purely a practical room.

People don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen cooking alone, they want to be able to communicate with their family or friends and entertain in their kitchen.

Below are some pictures of kitchen extension ideas people are opting for these days.

Adding a breakfast bar with stools or a kitchen island can be a great way to add the social element to your kitchen extension.

Your friends can sip cocktails whilst you prepare the snacks for your evening, or your kids can read out their homework to you whilst they eat breakfast at the breakfast bar and make the packed lunch for the day.




In addition to a snazzy breakfast bar or kitchen island, our customers often add a dining area to their new house extension. In the dining area below, they decided to have an exposed brick feature wall, which really adds some character to the extension.


There is nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of time downstairs but having to walk upstairs every time you need a toilet break.

When designing your new house extension, would a downstairs bathroom (if you have a larger extension) or even simply a toilet room be worth considering?



If your house already has a rear addition to it, then the likelihood is you will be adding a Side Return Extension or a Wrap Around Extension. Many properties that were built in the Victorian and Edwardian era benefit from having a side return extension as often their kitchens are small and narrow so this can open the area up.



If you really want to maximise on space, then adding a multi storey extension will give you additional space over two floors! If you have a bungalow or detached/semi detached house with additional space around the house this can be perfect to add a double storey extension.


With a double storey extension you can even add an additional master bedroom with en-suite to the house.

You don’t always have to follow the run of the mill for a house extension and add a kitchen/diner etc. You could add any type of the room that you want. Look at some of the rooms our clients have added to enjoy their homes to the full with a home gym, sauna, home office, studio etc




Another thing a home extension can be perfect for, is elderly parents or the disabled. You can add more space the bottom of your property, so they do not have to deal with the difficulty of getting up and down the stairs.

Ideas for the Exterior of a House Extension?

Do you try and make it blend in or do you go for the opposite?

In London, many of the properties were built even hundreds of years ago and have period features. Do you blend in and try and pull off the original look or do you go for a complete contrast?

The house extension below that Jeffery and Wilkes completed was in the Tudor style and they wanted to keep theme. We built this home extension to fit in with the Tudor theme.


However, you may choose to go for a complete contrast which looks fabulous. What you want to avoid is a bodged-up job that is not matched properly and looks like a bolted on extra.

Two great places to gather ideas for your house extension are Pinterest and Houzz. You can create boards or notebooks and mark down the different things you like in the house extension that you see. Then you share this with your designer or builder and see if that would be suitable to add to your house extension.

Check out Jeffery and Wilkes portfolio here for some more home extension design ideas

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