January Blues? These Home Improvement Ideas Will Cheer You Up!

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Got The January Blues? We’ve Got Some Great Home Improvement Ideas To Excite You

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January is not my favourite month of the year. It’s generally drab and grey, and if you’re in the building industry the short days, cold and wet make it miserable to work outside. However, it is a good month for planning new projects and we certainly see a lot of new enquiries at this time of year as homeowners start to think about extensions, loft conversions and other home improvements.

So if you’re also feeling a little bit miserable this month, what about starting a new project? It could be a great addition to your home; adding more space to enjoy later in the year and potentially increasing the value of your property.

We’re seeing popular demand for the following ideas, would any of these work in your home?

New Kitchen

Inevitably during the winter months we spend more time inside and often this can make us realise that our living spaces aren’t working as well as they could. The kitchen is a prime example. Perhaps you’ve been doing some entertaining recently, feeding family and friends over the Christmas period. Or having had the kids at home for holidays your kitchen has seen a lot of use.

If it hasn’t quite been up to the job, now’s the time to put a plan in action to update, improve, extend or reconfigure your kitchen so next time you have a houseful it works perfectly.

The first step is to assess your existing kitchen. What’s good about it, what features are important to you, what aspects do you want to retain? Next you need to consider what doesn’t work, what needs replacing, removing or changing? Finally, what’s on your wish list?

Get inspiration from interior magazines, online blogs and places like Pinterest – where you will find a wealth of ideas. Then call in a kitchen or building firm to find out how they can turn your practical requirements and lifestyle ideas into reality. Experienced companies will have plenty of design ideas and innovative hacks to create exactly what you want within the confines of your space and budget.

If you’re in West London why not give our team a call and book a free quote today?

Luxury Bathroom

House buyers are always on the look out for properties with an extra bathroom, especially those with families. Not surprisingly the family bathroom is often a functional space; collecting bath toys, half empty bottles of shampoo, multiple toothbrushes and discarded towels.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own luxury bathroom, a childfree zone where you can truly relax without having to clean up after the kids every time you want to use it?

If you’re considering a loft conversion how about adding a bathroom as well as a bedroom? Alternatively, if the children have left home, perhaps it’s time to reclaim the family bathroom and transform it into a proper grownup space.

If you have plans to extend your property, explore whether an en suite luxury bathroom could be added too. You could end up with a new kitchen downstairs and a luxury bathroom at the same time!

Extend Into The Garden

Although having outside space is important for most people, many of us do not use our gardens as much as we would like. The British climate is one barrier to getting maximum use out of it, as is our busy lifestyles: even if the weather is great we don’t always have the time to spend it outdoors.

If you have the space, and I think it’s important to create a good balance between your house and garden, you could consider an extension that helps to bring the outside in. A larger living room or kitchen with bi-fold doors can create an unbroken flow between the house and garden.

This allows you to enjoy the garden all year round, and when the weather is good your extension and garden merge together so you get more out of both.

So, if January’s getting you down perhaps one of these ideas could give you something to focus on and look forward to in a few months time. Get a free quote and more inspiration from our team by calling today! 0208 819 3883 or email sales@jefferyandwilkes.co.uk

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