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Home Adaptations For Those With Disabilities

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If you or someone you know has a disability, making some adaptations to your home can help make daily life easier and more comfortable and can help a person stay independent for longer.

What are some adaptations you can consider? Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house extension specialists. 

  • A Home Extension – If you are considering moving a person with a disability into your home or are getting older yourself and are preparing for the future, a ground floor home extension is something to consider. You could then ensure that there will be enough space in the halls and doorways for the person to move about freely. You could have a downstairs bedroom and bathroom installed. You could choose suitable flooring and furnishings.
  • Bathroom Adaptations – Some questions to consider: Is the doorway wide enough? Can you/or the person with a disability shower or bath with ease? How easy is it to use the toilet? Do you need more space to move around in your bathroom? Do you find it difficult to reach the handles or the flush?There are many possible solutions to these problems. If you are re-designing your bathroom you can have the doorways widened, convert your bath into a walk-in shower with a seat, or even have a walk-in bath fitted. Handrails are not too costly, but can really help a person safely move around the bathroom. Shower seats can be great for enabling elderly people or people with a disability to bathe independently.
  • Difficulty with access to the front or back of your house? Have you considered ramps and handrails, or even a lift?
  • Difficulty getting up the stairs? – What about a stairlift? Make sure the stairs are in good order to safely and easily go up and down.
  • Consider arranging kitchen facilities so that you or the person with a disability can use them independently.
  • Adapt heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use, or within reach.

Did you know? You may be eligible for help with funds from your local authority. Contact your local social services department to have your needs assessed.

Jeffery & Wilkes is approved by Ealing, Harrow, Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond and Hillingdon councils for home adaptations for people with disabilities. We are considerate and sensitive to our clients’ needs.

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