Home Extension With Wow Factor Part 5 – Windows and Doors

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Home Extension With Wow Factor Part 5 – Windows and Doors

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Part 5 of our 13 part guide to creating a home extension with the wow factor is going to discuss Windows and Doors. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house extension specialists.

Windows and doors  

When planning a home extension, the last thing on many people’s minds is the windows and doors. However, this is a key area you need to decide on very early in your project. Some windows and doors can have a very long lead time so they will need to be ordered early in the build. You can also save money in the long run. Get it wrong and they can really stand out (in a negative way) and not blend in with the rest of the house

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Double glazing 

Double glazing has many benefits. It will save you money on your energy bills, reduce the noise levels from the outside world and provide better security.

Aluminium windows 

Aluminium windows are a great option as is it a very strong material which enables you to have a slimmer frame and more of the glass window, letting more natural light into your home extension. It is also very weather resistant although you will need to maintain it every couple of years. Aluminium is more expensive than UPVC.


Wooden doors/windows can look really attractive in a home and can provide security if you choose a resistant hardwood. The issue is they can swell with adverse weather and they need to be coated regularly to keep the bad weather at bay and to maintain the stylish look


This op on can be cheaper than wooden doors or frames and can be used for many window and door types. It is easy to clean and very resistant to adverse weather and other factors that might deteriorate other materials.

Which doors are best for my extension? Bifold, Sliding or French doors?

Bi-fold doors  

Bi-fold doors open right up so on a summer’s day you can be inside without feeling like you’re missing out on fresh air. Perfect for when you are socialising or for keeping an eye on the kids playing in the garden while you are busy cooking a tasty meal.

For people with disabilities or the elderly they are also ideal for easy access to the garden as they can be on the same level with no step down.  It’s not a surprise with all of these advantages that bi-fold doors are a very popular choice with people having a home extension these days. However, it does come with the highest price tag.  

Sliding doors  

The advantage of a sliding door is you can replace a whole wall with glass to look out into your garden. It is also normally a cheaper option to the bi-fold door. However, you can only ever move one of the panes of glass so you cannot open up the whole thing like the bi-fold door.

In most cases you cannot have sliding doors flush to the ground and there will be a lip which will not be ideal for those with disabilities or those who are at risk of tripping up.

French doors  

Here is where you can save some money as they are quite a lot cheaper than bi-fold or sliding doors.However, they are much smaller than the bi-fold or sliding doors and you will not get as much of a view of the outside.They still look great and can be a fantastic choice.

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