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Home Extension With Wow Factor Part 1 – The Experts You Need

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Greg Wilkes Discussing The Experts You Need For Your Home Extension

Part 1 – The Importance of Teaming Up With The Right Experts From The Start

A successful home extension centres on great design and execution. A well planned out design will ensure you maximize on your space and turn it into the perfect haven you have always wanted it to be. It will also ensure that your extension looks like part of the original house and not a poorly designed stuck on extra. Working with a good architect/draftsman is the key to getting this right. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house extension specialists. 

The team you choose from the start with design work right through to completion will make a significant difference to both your experience and the finished product. Get it right from the start.

So where should you begin? Call in the experts.

  1. 1. Architect / Technician
    A good architect/technician will create the proposed drawings or design for builders to implement. They can also obtain the necessary permissions and help find
    a suitable builder to manage the project for you. Bad drawings can cause no end of problems throughout the build so be sure to find an architect/technician that comes highly recommended and ensure they visit the site to survey with correct measurements and listen to your requirements.

Jeffery & Wilkes have in-house experts that will create your drawings for FREE if you sign up for a home extension and apply for planning permission and building regulations on your behalf.

  1. 2. Specialist Home Extension Company
    A specialist home extension company can manage everything from design and planning through to project management and building. The advantage of having one company cover all of these aspects is that if something does go wrong they can easily rectify it between themselves and cause minimal delay and disruption.

If you have an architect and a builder from different companies you can get into a blame game situation, one accusing the other of not doing their part and it can end up causing you hassle and extra money.

  1. 3.Builders 
    If you opt for the services of an architect, you will also need to engage a building firm to execute their plans. Choose a builder who is highly experienced in home extensions. Ask to see pictures or actual examples of their previous work, and check online for reviews to ensure your builder has a good reputation. Make sure they give you a detailed estimate and you clearly have in writing what is and isn’t included in the scope of works. Have a detailed contract signed by both the contractor and yourself before the start of the build or any money exchanges hands. Check that they are fully insured. At Jeffery & Wilkes we offer the full service, design work, party wall surveying, structural engineering, project management and build.
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