Home Extension With Wow Factor Part 11 – Kitchen Design

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Home Extension With Wow Factor Part 11 – Kitchen Design

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Be sure to call in an expert to design the layout of your kitchen extension, as they will be able to maximise on the space you have, consider all of the cupboard space you desire and your white goods requirements. They will also evaluate practical matters, such as cupboard doors, to make sure there is enough space to open them and still move around the kitchen. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house extension specialists.

Request ‘to scale’ drawings from your kitchen designer so you know what size cupboards you need to order, flooring and tiles etc. It is important to remember that this extension is for you and the people living or spending me in your household so you need to design it to your taste and for your needs. Where will you spend your me? Will the kids be eating food at
the breakfast bar? Where will you be cooking? What could make your life easier? Talk these points through with your designer so they understand how this will benefit your lifestyle.

Now the fun part … choosing the style of your kitchen. Do lots of research and reach a decision before your kitchen extension is underway so you can be comfortable that you have made the perfect choice.

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Consider the following:
• Is my kitchen choice practical for my lifestyle (for example, if you have young children you may want a design that is easier to wipe down and clear).
• What is the budget for my kitchen?
• How many sockets will I need in my kitchen and what will their positions be? • Will the design fit in with the rest of my house?
• Where should I add lighting? (For example, consider where you will be cooking. You may wish to have a brighter lighting option so you can clearly see what you are making.)
• Do I have enough room for both the white goods I am using now and ones I may want to add in the near future?
• Do I want a breakfast bar in my kitchen?
• Should I have an island in my kitchen?
• What about underfloor heating?
• Do I want a utility room or pantry to hide away some of the noisier white goods?

Once you have written down the answers to thee questions talk them through with your designer to create the perfect kitchen for your home extension

Speak to one of our team about how we can design and build your space.