Creating A Home Extension With The Wow Factor - Part 3

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Home Extension With Wow Factor Part 3 – Types of Extensions

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Greg Wilkes Discusses Various Types of Extensions

What Types of Extensions Are Available?

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Rear Extension

A rear extension extends out of the back of your home. It can be a great way to open up your kitchen and lounge area to have a bright and airy open space to enjoy your meals and socialise with family and friends.

Double Storey Extension

A two storey or double storey home extension is the king of extensions! It can allow you to increase both your downstairs living space and add an additional bedroom upstairs.

This type of extension costs more than other options but the return on investment will be higher and you really will add the maximum amount of space to your home.

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Side Return Extension

If you have an alley at the side of your house then a side return extension could be perfect for you. It can give you extra space without taking away your garden space or you could combine this with a rear extension to form a wrap around extension.

Wrap Around Extension

Wrap around extensions (side and rear extensions) are a fantastic way to add lots of extra space. They can completely reshape your home and look fabulous.

Your expert should be able to advise which of the home extensions above are available on your property and discuss the the pros and cons of each option.

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