Could a home extension in London earn you a fortune next year?

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Home Extensions: Could a home extension in London earn you a fortune next year?

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Could a home extension in London add value to your family home?

When it comes to maximising the value of your property, there are several steps you can take to update the design, look and feel of your house to make it more appealing to a potential buyer. By creating an extension to your home, you can expand the appeal of your property, giving potential buyers an extra reason to choose your house over another. Increasing value isn’t the only reason you may be looking to extend, but if your beautiful home can increase in value at the same time as providing more space, then it’s a bonus. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house extension specialists.


On top of the aesthetic updates it will give your house and the luxury of the extra space, you’ll be amazed at the transformation that home extension services could make to your final sale price. Below, we’ve highlighted some great reasons why adding an extension to your home could earn you a fortune, by increasing both its potential and value.


Enjoy more space with your loved ones


This might seem like an obvious reason to extend your home, but with more space, comes more opportunity! Whether you’re extending to support a growing family or you simply want some more breathing space as you work from home, your added space means your home will appeal to a wider number of people should you ever look to show your property to potential buyers.


Increasing your space means you can consider changing the layout of your home, expanding your kitchen or living area to make the house more welcoming for your guests. Your extension could also improve the space in which you work from home, whether you develop your home office, make it a calming place to write in or use it to inspire creative work. All the while, the investment you make in creating more space while you live in your home is being returned in the increased value you will make in a sale.


Space in a family environment is priceless and as your loved ones grow, the environment they are in will often grow with them and a home extension could be the perfect fit.


Redesign your living quarters


More space means the possibility of redesigning the layout of your house to make it feel more open plan and allow more light to flood in. You can improve the flow of your house from room to room by reworking doors and corridors to ensure you’re maximising the space you have to live in.


As you extend and redesign the layout of your property, you are creating brand new opportunities, such as additional bedrooms, studios, conservatories and, potentially, even a whole separate living space, which will dramatically increase the value of your property.


If you’re looking to extend your property, speak to Jeffery & Wilkes about your home renovation requirements. Our expertise in designing and building bespoke extensions to help our customers maximise opportunities and increase the value of their house before a sale means you’ll be in safe hands throughout the process.