Don’t Move House ... Consider a Home Extension

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Don’t Move House … Consider a Home Extension

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As your family grows and the children get older there becomes less and less liveable space in your house. The first thing that comes to most peoples minds is that it’s time to move house.
Moving house comes with a whole heap of stress. In London, the difference between a 3 bedroom to four bedroom house is immense and can cost you hundreds of thousands of pounds. That’s not to mention all the legal fees and stamp duty which will also amount to tens of thousands of pounds. Do you really have that extra cash for a larger home or could there be another solution that will cost you much less and potentially earn you much more? Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house extension specialists.
A home extension costs around £40,000 on average. Many people use this space to completely open up the living area with a large open plan kitchen diner, an extra bedroom or bathroom, a work studio or playroom.
There are many different types of home extension too. Have an expert assess your house to see what type of home extension would be available in the space that you have. Some people convert garages, a single story extension, wrap around or double story. It all depends on the space that you have available and your budget.
The average home extension takes around 10 weeks to complete. You may have to get planning permission and party wall agreements arranged before you start.
The positives of a home extension are that you do not have to move and the builders can cut the area off so you can still stay in your home. You can add hundreds of thousands in value to your house in London if you plan this correctly. You will have more livable space for your family to enjoy and it will be brand new and tailored towards your designs and needs.
So do not delay, contact Jeffery & Wilkes if you are in London and surrounding towns and let one of our experts advise what you can do with your home.