Building an Annexe For Elderly Parents

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Building an Annexe for Elderly Parents

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Building An Annexe For Elderly Parents

Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house extension specialists. Many people are facing a dilemma. Mum/dad has passed away leaving the surviving parent behind. As they grow in age you may be witnessing their memories fade and you may be beginning to worry for their safety. Should they really live by themselves anymore?

You may have checked out a few nursing homes but it just didn’t feel right. After all that your parents have done for you, you want to return the favour and look after them.

You ask yourself if it is practical that they come and stay with you? All of your bedrooms are upstairs and that might not be suitable. Will they even want to stay with me? They have had so much freedom in the past?

Is there an alternative solution?

Yes there is!

Have you considered building an annexe via a garage conversion or home extension?

Adding the extra space to your home could be the ideal solution.

You can create an additional living space downstairs with an accessible bedroom, a disable adapted downstairs bathroom and if you have a large space then even their own sitting room so they really do have their own space.

How will this benefit you?

  • You will have peace of mind knowing that your nearest and dearest is on your doorstep and you can check in on them anytime to care for their needs
  • They will have some independence so it is much easier for them to adapt
  • You will not have the worry of what is going on in the care home you have put them into
  • Your partner and children will be grateful that they can still use the house as they please whilst gran/granddad moves in
  • You will have created a fantastic investment for your future and in most cases a large ROI (return on investment)

The average home extension cost approx. 40k but the return on investment if you live in London will be much higher.

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