When Your Teenagers Have Outgrown Your House!

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What To Do With Your Teenagers When They’ve Outgrown Your House!

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It’s interesting how our homes evolve around our lives, and certainly our children’s lives. There are a couple of trends I’ve noticed when working on family homes.

Parents with young children are interested in opening up living spaces, creating large family rooms through kitchen and living room extensions. They also need better utility areas and cloakrooms: to cope with larger laundry demands and toilet visits!

Whereas parents with teenagers want more private space. They don’t want to lose the family living areas, there’s still a hope that their offspring will want to spend time with them! They still need to maximise the number of bathrooms in a house, and utility areas are in high in demand. However, both parents and teenagers need to be able to escape from each other, and therefore we get many clients coming to us looking for ideas to create additional bedrooms or separate living rooms to accommodate their changing needs.

Loft Conversions, Extensions And Basement Conversions

If you feel like your teenagers have outgrown your home and you’re thinking about moving house, there may be opportunities to provide the extra space you need without changing postcodes.

First off, think about what type of space you need. For example, if you have a teenager sharing with a younger sibling (or another teenager!) an additional bedroom would provide them with a much needed bolthole. A loft conversion is the obvious solution if you have sufficient space – download our ultimate guide to loft conversions from our loft conversions page for practical information on this. – or alternatively converting a garage could be an option. I would highly recommend also investigating whether there’s the potential to add a bathroom too; teenagers are renowned for monopolising them!

Alternatively, you could look at whether it’s feasible to create a basement room for your teenager. This has the added advantage of giving them some space away from other bedrooms; so later bedtimes don’t disturb younger children. However, there are pros and cons to this arrangement as you may find it difficult to police their bedtime, screen use and other habits.

Bedrooms are not the only extra space that you might need with teenagers in the house. If you’ve been enjoying open plan living with kitchen, dining and living rooms merged into one, you may now feel a need to shut a door on your teenager.

Instead of putting a bedroom in your basement or in the loft, another alternative would be to make this an additional living space. This could be turned into a games room for your teenagers, or an adult den or sitting room for you!

Similarly a home extension could provide an extra living room for either parents or teenager, and if you can do a double storey extension, a bedroom too.

It’s also worth planning ahead and thinking about how your needs will change over the next few years. For example when children go to university, and then boomerang back home needing accommodation as they start their working lives. At this point many parents begin to think seriously about how they can divide their homes and give adult children more privacy and independence, so any alterations now could lay the foundations for future changes.

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