Why home refurbishment this summer is the best option for you -

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Why home refurbishment this summer is the best option for you

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Have you heard the expression “a change is as good as a rest”?

Well that’s just one of several compelling reasons to consider a home refurbishment project, now the days are getting longer and the temperature gauge is finally rising. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house renovation specialists.

Home interior design is not simply a matter of making rooms “look good”. You probably appreciate how important it is that your living environment supports your mood and provides comfort and a sense of being “in control”.

For some, creating the right “feeling” in your home comes from practical considerations, such as changing layouts to get more light or space, or building additional storage space to declutter. For others, the main priority could be creating living space that is pleasing to all the senses.

Creating your ideal living space

The summer is the ideal season to create a more sensory, vibrant and “appropriate” living space. Take a good look at each of your rooms, and assess whether their current designs and layouts are still fit for purpose.

Are there ways to change the colours, lighting, and spatial arrangements for example, to make them even more conducive to living well? Have you created enough textural and height variance to make the room appealing? Does your home provide the perfect backdrop for appreciating music, relaxing over conversations or to retreat to a place of solitude and quiet?

And of course, do your dining room and kitchen offer the best possible environment for one of the greatest pleasures of all – preparing and eating good food, on your own or with family and friends?

Home refurbishment can be great for wellbeing

Once you have decided what needs to be updated and changed, the process of home refurbishment can give your energy levels and wellbeing a boost too.

Having something fresh, new and exciting to focus on can genuinely be good for your mental health. Particularly if you have been carrying around “niggles” and a sense of dissatisfaction with your living environment.

Having design and build plans to consider, swatches of fabrics and paint colours to mull over, can all lift the spirits and help you to “fall in love” with your home again.

Sense of satisfaction from sale price increase

Even if you don’t have any current plans to sell your property, home refurbishment projects may well prove a great investment for the future.

Simply keeping on top of repairs and updates is important of course, to keep your property looking its best. However, planning a substantial home improvement can increase the value of your home.

Which means that your summer home refurbishment project is not just about creating the home you want and need, but also ensuring that you have one with ever-growing intrinsic value too.