Six tips for refurbishing your home -

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Six tips for refurbishing your home

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Were you inspired by our last blog post on ideas for loft conversions? Make sure you get the most out of your refurbishment by planning ahead. Our team of experts has pooled their knowledge to come up with these six tips to take into consideration before you start your home refurbishment project.

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Home refurbishment tip 1: when buying a fixer-upper, negotiate hard

If you’ve been scrolling through Rightmove lately, you’ll agree: almost every property out there has at least some potential for renovation. The secret to making the right decision is to assess the property’s design (and financial) potential before committing.

When buying a property with the intention of doing it up, know that every pound you negotiate on the price will go straight into the refurbishment fund. Your negotiation tactics are crucial here: what might seem like a small percentage of the overall property price could represent a new kitchen fitted to your family’s specifications.

Tip 2: seek out expert advice (even if the property isn’t yours… yet)

Don’t take on a refurbishment project that you can’t handle. If you’re not sure whether to proceed with property purchase, simply because you’re having trouble guessing how much that new bathroom is going to cost, phone an expert. That phone call could be the clincher that allows you to get your dream home.

Tip 3: make a solid financial plan

If you’re planning a major redevelopment, like an extension or a loft conversion, be crystal clear on how much you can spend. Include a sensible contingency fund and don’t forget to factor in soft furnishings for the room.

Tip 4: think about how to add value to your home

Beautiful, expert refurbishments often end up paying for themselves in the long run. Extensions and loft conversions are a great option. By adding square footage, you’re adding immediate value on to the home. Which brings us on to our next tip…

Tip 5: ask critical questions

The stakes are high, so you’ve got to think critically. If you add a fifth bedroom to a home with limited living space, does the home still have a lifestyle balance?

Tip 6: envision yourself living in the refurbished house

This one might sound fluffy, but it’s crucial. If you’re adding an extension to create a home office for your flourishing business, think about every detail of your working day. What annoys you in your current office? Are there enough sockets? Are they in the right place?

By paying attention to the tiny details of the way you live your life, you can help us design you a space that’s bespoke to your needs.