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How to choose the right refurbishment service in London

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A home refurbishment doesn’t necessarily mean major structural work. In fact, plenty of home refurbishments that take place are focused on the change of colour schemes or the use of natural light in a space. For homeowners or landlords, this is a brilliant and cost-effective way to increase the value of your home as well as create a more pleasant living space. For clients in London, choosing the right refurbishment service can be tricky as budget, space and property access will all need to be considered. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house renovation specialists. Read on and find out three simples tips that will help you choose the right refurbishment service in London.

1. Before you begin, know exactly what you want

Make sure that you discuss exactly what you want to achieve with your refurbishment company before you decide on any work. As well as being able to help you turn an idea into reality (no matter how unrealistic you may think that is), they will be able to help you define your idea and give you realistic, expert guidance that will consider your property type. Even if you have a smaller budget but would like to completely transform a room, they will be able to create a plan that will provide the best and most realistic outcome for your needs.

2. Why non-structural refurbishment is best for you

If you’re working to a specific budget but are wanting to completely transform a room, it may be better to focus on non-structural refurbishment services. This may include the change of an interior colour scheme, different window frames or the removal of doors as a simple way to open up space. This type of refurbishment is especially ideal for apartments or more awkwardly placed rooms such as basements or attics. Whether it’s home refurbishment services in West London, and any other boroughs, non-structural refurbishments are a brilliant and simple way to update a home without causing too much upheaval.

3. Why structural refurbishment is best for you

For those who are looking to create a larger home to cater for a new addition to the family, to maximise rental profits or to simply create more usable space, a structural refurbishment project is ideal. These can include loft and basement conversations, home extensions or the removal of walls for open plan living. These are all long-term solutions that can drastically increase the value of your property. We’ve seen a recent surge in London homeowners creating basements in their homes in the last few years, effectively increasing limited space and improving rental yield or usability. However, this is a large job that requires plenty of time and investment. In some cases, a non-structural refurbishment is recommended instead for these space-limited properties.

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