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Are You Considering A New Or Renovated Bathroom?

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Most likely, you will want the room to practical but also a place to relax, unwind and enjoy spending time. As one of the smaller rooms in the house it can be difficult to visualise what changes will work for you. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house renovation specialists. Please consider the following ideas and suggestions.

Question 1. Do You Need A New Bathroom Suite or Can You Renovate / Improve Your Existing Room?

If the grouting has gathered mould and cleaning it with specialist products does not work we suggest that you buy a new sealer. This small change can radically brighten up your bathroom.

There are specialist tile paints that can cover your current tiles and if you have painted areas on the walls, a fresh lick of paint always makes a big difference. (Please ensure the paint is suitable for bathrooms)

If there is limited space available you will want to enhance the room and make it look as spacious as possible. Keep the walls and ceiling the same colour and use shades that go together, choose pale colours and tiles. Large mirrors also will increase the sense of space. Instead of purchasing new bathroom furniture you could simply replace the tiles, if you have a small bathroom mosaic tiles can give the appearance of a bigger room.

If you are on a budget there are other changes that make a big difference. These can be as simple as purchasing a new shower curtain, shower rail (if yours has gone rusty) and new blinds.

Question 2. How Will The Bathroom Be Used?

This may sound like a foolish question but the answer will impact the final design. Please consider the following questions : –

• Is it a family bathroom?
• Or an en-suite for a particular person?
• Do you prefer a shower, bath or both?
• What storage solutions will you need?
• How much time will be spent in this room?

• How much space is available?

If you have a family bathroom then you will probably want as much storage as possible. Consider built in storage around and under the sink, in the corners and shelving. Floor to ceiling storage cabinets, racks and baskets will reduce the sense of clutter. Try to optimise your storage solutions and hide away as much as possible.

Requests for wet rooms and walk in showers are increasing. Designs with glass and natural stone are becoming ever more popular and a good quality rain shower head can be a luxury for shower lovers.

If you are a bath lover searching for a sense of luxury, consider a freestanding bath. If you would like a shower and bath, or you and your partner have separate preferences than you can have a separate electric power shower installed over the bath.

Question 3. Have You Considered The Lighting?

Lighting needs to be carefully considered during any and every bathroom project. Once again, ask yourself what the bathroom will be used for : –

• Hair and makeup preparation?
• Shaving and male grooming?

If so you will require strong task lighting. If you intend to unwind in the bath, you may want to be able to dim the lights. Setup the lights with a dimmer switch that can adjust the lights to meet your requirements.

Question 4. What Flooring Options Are Available?

Some options to choose from are tiles, vinyl or bathroom laminate. Many customers add underfloor heating for that extra sense of comfort and luxury.

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