Home Refurbishment Mistake #6 - Getting In The Way

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Home Refurbishment Mistake #6 – Getting In The Way

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Getting In The Way

Surprisingly, you yourself could actually be the reason for delays in a project and hinder smooth progress. There are two types of personalities, one who is happy to delegate & avoid the stress, but others who want control & need to be involved in every decision. The latter can cause a real problem on a building site for the management team & the site workers. If a project is planned & designed properly from the outset, it should run smoothly in accordance with the set-out timelines & will involve minimal input from the client. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house renovation specialists. Most of the big decisions will already be made & normally the client just has the fun things to decide on- what colour tiles to buy, what wallpaper should go on the feature wall.

However, some insist on being involved in every decision & pop their head up at every corner. We have even seen clients to take holiday from work, just to ensure they are on site every day to keep an eye on progress.

This causes a lot of problems, as firstly it shows a real lack of trust in the professionals you have selected. But also it often ends up in the client being involved in things they know nothing about.

Google can be your best friend or worst enemy. We’ve experienced the dangers of researching too much on the internet when we are feeling unwell & diagnose our common cold with something much more sinister.

The same is true on the building site. The web is full of forums & self-help guides on how to build your own house from scratch. But someone with a small amount of knowledge that is on-site constantly can cause no end of headaches for the tradesman, suggesting better ways of doing things & questioning their methods.

In some cases, it can lead proud tradesman packing up their tools & walking off site! No one likes someone watching over their shoulder when they are working.

It also leads to delays on the project. The more a person is on–site, the more they tend to change design elements at the last minute which can lead to additional cost, further problems down the road as they have not been planned & thought through correctly & extended delays to the programme

If you’ve done your research, selected a quality building company and have planned the project at an early stage, then entrust them to do the job you’ve paid them good money to do.