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Home Renovations And Extensions For Those With Disabilities

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If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have been hurt in a recent accident in which you sustained life-changing injuries, you may need a home renovations specialist, or a home extensions specialist to modify your home and make it more access friendly.

Here at Jeffery & Wilkes we understand the requirement for a personal touch to be implemented during any modification to your home, which is why we we make theses modification processes as smooth as possible, with your comfort in mind.

Making Life Easier And More Convenient

Home renovations are about two things; modernising your property from a decor point of view, and installing state-of-the-art products and equipment to make life easier and more convenient. If you are now confined to a wheelchair, some tasks become increasingly difficult around your home. For example, standard door frames may be too small to be able to get a wheelchair through or your flooring may not be suitable for wheelchair use. All of these things can cause issues and we’re here to smooth over that process. Stairs are of course a real problem, and as most properties here in the UK have their bedrooms upstairs, it presents something of a challenge. This is where extensions can come into their own. If your property and its grounds have the potential, having an extension built in which you can site a downstairs bedroom plus a toilet and bathroom, could well provide the answer.

Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Adaptations

When dealing with either home renovations or home extensions necessitated through mobility concerns and issues, it is best to seek out contractors who have experience with these sorts of home modifying projects. Changing things like flooring is not always as immediately obvious as other issues such as widening doors, installing wheelchair ramps and stair lifts, or home extensions. We understand that carpets can pose quite a problem. A deep pile carpet may feel nice underfoot, but it can be challenging to manoeuvre your wheelchair through and can present a trip hazard for those with reducing walking mobility. Similarly, slippery floor surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms can also prove problematic, so these concerns need addressing, as do things like the installation of handrails and special shower units for easy access and support.

Employ Contractors With Mobility Adaptation Experience

Employing a firm capable of such adaptations, who have the relevant experience, will ensure all angles are taken into consideration. The issues above may at first seem daunting, but with the professional and caring support of Jeffery & Wilkes, we make this whole process seamless.As well as making your home fully functional for your changed lifestyle circumstances, home refurbishments and home extensions can also breathe new life and vibrancy into your home, in respect of modernity and decor. For more information, please browse our website here at Jeffery & Wilkes (https://www.jefferyandwilkes.co.uk/), call us for a no-obligation chat on 020 8819 3883, emailhello@jefferyandwilkes.co.uk or contact us via the contact form.