Need Additional Space? Have You Considered Converting Your Garage?

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If You Need Additional Space In Your House, Have You Considered Converting Your Garage?

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Some Questions To Ask To Get You Started

What Do I Currently Use My Garage For?

Many people tend to use garages for storage or as a messy and unorganised dumping ground. What is in your garage? Do you have the kid’s old toys, tools, bikes, gardening equipment? Could you move these items into a shed or in the loft? Do you really need them?

Utilise the space in your garage and create that extra room. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house renovation specialists.

Will a garage conversion increase the value of my house?

In most areas it certainly will. The options are endless, you can create an extra bedroom, wet room, gym, playroom, office all of which will help add value to your house.

Are there instances where a garage conversion could decrease the value of your house?

Possibly. In areas that have little or no parking a garage would be considered as a huge asset. If you converted your garage in this instance and you do not have a driveway then this could possibly decrease the value of house or make it more difficult to sell.

Do I need planning permission for a garage conversion?

Different local authorities vary, in some areas you need permission if you are changing the front of your house (ie taking garage doors out and putting in a window)

You will need building regulations if you are changing the use of the garage to become a habitable room.

Contact your Local planning officer at your local authority for more details

What sort of thing will building regulations look for?

1)     Structural Safety

2)     Weatherproof

3)     Insulation

4)     Ventilation

Work that may need to be done.

Thickness of the walls – This would not have mattered so much when just protecting your car (or junk) but to have this as a habitable room you will want to ensure the walls are thick enough, if you have a single cavity wall may want to upgrade this

Flooring- Garages tend to be lower than the normal house floor so you may want to upgrade this with insulation, floorboards (and then whatever you choose to have on top of that)

Windows – You would need your windows double glazed and for safety reasons you would need to ensure there is an escape route

Roof – If your roof is not insulated then you will need to ensure you have this insulated

Electrics – If you add new circuits you will need to ensure they are tested by a qualified person

Plumbing – If you are adding wet rooms, drainage will need to be considered

If you are thinking of converting your garage or would like any other building work done please contact us to arrange for a quotation on 0208 8193883 or email