Home Refurbishment Mistake #5 - Calling In Friends

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Home Refurbishment Mistake #5 – Calling In Friends

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Calling Friends In

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Most budgets get used up early in the project. That nice new American fridge freezer or built-in coffee machine to put in your new kitchen can eat away at some of the essential parts of the budget

When budgeting clients may be tempted to save a few pounds here and there by calling in a few favours. Often friends down the pub are quick to offer help. ‘I’ll do your drawings for you, I have Auto-CAD software & did my own extension” or ‘I’ll help you decorate, no point paying someone else”

We have seen time & time again that often these promises do not really materialise. And even if they do it can cause more harm than good.

More than often we quote on works where ‘a friend’ has done the drawings. Sometimes it’s to a reasonable degree to be fair, but it can be an absolute age until they are completed, delaying things further. And because it’s a favour, the client doesn’t really have the right to have a go at them, so they end up putting up with it.

The next problem is the friend who may be good at the drawing & design side has no clue about structural calculations & building regulations. So often it falls back on the builder to fill in the pieces which in turn has consequences for you the customer. You may have to pay fees to have it amended, have the design completely re-done from scratch or pay additional costs to cover the mistakes in the design.

The other common way people try to cut corners is by trying to do some of the professional works themselves. Out of all the trades, the most common that people will attempt is the decoration. With all the DIY stores geared up to provide the tools & materials, it seems homeowners are almost expected to do this themselves

But there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a client spend £50k on a project & then skimp on £2k for decorating. The decorating is one of the finishing touches that must be completed to a high standard if you want to finish your home renovation looking fantastic.

We’ve all done a bit a decorating to a reasonable standard, but the difference between a professional finish & a DIY one is plain to see.

Straight edges, walls sanded like glass, invisible joins on the wallpaper are all marks of a professional finish that a DIYer will struggle to emulate.