5 Objectives For a Successful Home Refurbishment Project

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5 Objectives For a Successful Home Refurbishment Project

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Successful Home Refurbishment Project

If you are planning a home extension, loft conversion or a house refurbishment there are 5 things you should always keep in the forefront of your mind to get the most out of your refurbishment. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house renovation specialists. 

1) Add Value

View your home as an asset at all times and always think about what will add value when making decisions. For most people the home will be the greatest asset they will own. If you keep this at the forefront of your mind from the beginning of your project then it will help to keep you focused throughout and you will make wiser decisions.

We have seen many times where clients get carried away halfway through a project and change major things last minute, blowing their budget. Or a smooth-talking salesman convinces them to buy a high-end kitchen which ends up costing more than the extension itself! If you can afford it then great but if you are on a budget then it’s important to keep asking yourself, how much value is this item adding to my home versus the cost spent.

From the start have an in-depth talk with your architect and builder, explain your budgets and what is important and you can plan which materials you can use at the beginning.

2) Adding Useable Living Space

Adding usable space will naturally add value to your home. London is becoming more cramped and particularly families need more space so rather than moving, adding a home extension, loft conversion or a basement conversion can create the extra room that you need. Take into consideration if the new space will be practical for the next person to move into if you decide to sell your property.

3) Be Clever With Storage

Whilst bespoke furniture can cost more money initially is not only long lasting, looks amazing but can also give you so much more space in a room and storage. Particularly where there are loft conversions there can be awkward spaces you can use bespoke furniture to create clever storage areas. They can also be used as features to create the wow factor.

4) Add The Wow Factor

To make your new renovation project really stand out there are certain things you can add that will add the wow factor. Lighting, smart automation, feature items can make your property stand out. Make your living space really enjoyable and you create the edge over others.

5) Ensure Sufficient Light

Lighting can completely transform a home or living space. Natural lighting is the best way to create light in the daytime. Bi-fold doors, roof lights and large windows make a big difference to the feel of the home.

For artificial light mood lighting and LED strips can completely change the ambience of a home

Get an estate agent to value your property before and after. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing the great investment you have made whilst enjoying a brand new beautiful space.