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Are You Refurbishing Your House – 20 Tips To Help You Through The Process

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You have watched many programmes on TV of people buying run down properties and renovating them. The owners make a good profit and end up with a lovely home at the end to either sell, rent out or move into. Now you would like to try it out. Is it as simple as it looks? What is involved? Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading house renovation specialists.

Renovating a property can be a fantastic investment and can allow you to either have the home you have always wanted in an area you could not have afforded otherwise, it can drastically change the house value of a property from when it is run down. BUT renovations can also go terribly wrong if they are not planned out correctly from the start and could end up costing you more money than the potential investment.

Jeffery & Wilkes have put together a step by step guide to help you get your ideal house renovation with the wow factor.
So where should you begin? Call in the experts

Begin by calling in a design and build company or the separate trades that you would like to renovate your property. Ensure you have all of your quotes agreed before you begin.

1. Do not cut corners, get an expert in to assess the condition of the building. A building surveyor will compile a report and tell you if there is any issues that are not so visible to the naked or simply inexperienced eye. Including but not limited to dampness, subsidence, pests, structural issues, drainage issues etc. You may then need to call in another expert in that area of expertise but identifying potential problems from the start is the best way to avoid what can be painful, expensive and time consuming issues along the way. If you are considering purchasing a house and have not yet committed this could be a good time to pull out if there are too many issues.

2. Have a measured site survey carried out and drawn so you can plan your renovation with the best design.

3. Obtain your various quotations. The simplest way to organise a renovation is a company that has all the trades under one roof a design and build company that can take your project from design to completion. Should you opt to have several different tradesmen though be sure to have them all visit the property and provide a full and detailed quotation. Find out their exact plans and how they plan to leave the property when they have finished their part of the work, make sure the next tradesmen knows and has quoted for this. Many times when you use different tradesmen there can be a blaming situation where they claim the other tradesmen should be doing this part and vice versa so be sure to be clear from the start.

4. Once you have chosen the experts to carry out your work check they are insured, you have a contract with them, a timeline for the schedule of works

5. Ask your experts if you require planning permission, building regulations approval or party wall agreements

6. At the design stage find out from your expert key dates/milestones where you will need to make decisions and the latest date this decision is needed by. Windows, doors and other items can have long lead times so try and make all your decisions as early as possible, ideally before the project has even began! Think about what is really important for you and the members of your household. It could be storage space, the kitchen area, the bathroom and explain all of this to your expert at the beginning before the design is completed, this can be factored into the drawings

7. Its time to begin – Your expert will set up the site, arrange a skip and skip permits if necessary, perhaps create temporary kitchens or water supply and its time to carry out the areas identified in the survey that is essential to the structure of the building (if there was any issues)

8. Rip out stage – Its time now to start ripping out anything that is not staying ready for the renovation

9. If structural work is required then this is the time for it to take place and usually it will be arranged for a building inspector to come and assess to ensure it passed building regulations

10. If you are having work done on the roof then it will normally take place at this stage as well as the gutters and downpipes

11. Doors and windows are next where the openings will be created and so long as you have picked and ordered your doors and windows early enough they can be installed

12. Whilst your doors and windows are being installed the carpenters, plumbers and electricians can usually come in and first fix. What does first fix mean though? It includes comprises constructing stud walls, floors, ceilings, inserting cables for the electrics and pipes for water supply.

13. Once the stud walls are up, plasterboard complete and first fix is done it is time to start plastering. Give the plaster a few days to dry out

14. If the floor is to be screeded it will be done at this point. Be sure to allow enough time for the screed to dry out. It can sometimes take longer than expected

15. Lay the flooring in your new renovation. If you are having a kitchen or a bathroom installed sometimes it can be easier to lay the flooring before you begin adding the sanitary ware or units

16. Time for second fix! You have heard the term but what does second fix actually mean? ]Second fix involved the electrical fixtures being connected to the cables all switches and sockets in place and connected, sinks and baths connected to the pipes, and doors fitted into doorframes, Architraves and skirting boards fitted. Electrics and plumbing signed off.

17. Decorating time and for the final touches. The walls will be prepared and then painted or papered, carpets laid and the final touches to your renovation

18. Snagging and completion. The last week will be fixing all the last little bits that are just not quite right and ready to hand over

19. Have a good builders clean done at the end and there you have it your ideal shiny new place

20. Request your guarantees, manuals and certificates from your tradesmen and if required a building inspection sign off

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