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Quantity Surveying

A quantity survey is a detailed estimate that breaks down the quote thoroughly.


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Receiving a quotation from a builder can be daunting. You know nothing about a house extension and you receive an estimate with a few lines on it briefly explaining the works that will be carried out and at the bottom you see the figure of £50,000 +VAT. How do you know if this figure is right or if you are being ripped off?

Even when you have been given three quotes from different builders, the estimates may not that clear on what include. If you are feeling like this, a quantity survey could be the best solution for you.

How Much Would A Quantity Survey Cost? 

Charges will vary.  At Jeffery & Wilkes we offer transparent prices and would charge as follows : –

Loft Conversions, Rear Extensions or Side Extensions at £299 +VAT 

Wrap Around Extensions, Refurbishments and Double Story Extensions at £499 +VAT

Other projects would be quoted for in relation to their complexity.

  • A quantity survey specifies all the materials that have been included in your quotation and even breaks down the cost for labour.
  • It is very transparent and allows you to see if any costs have been inflated so you know exactly what you are paying for.

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