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Party Wall Surveyors London

For most home extensions where the property is nearby or attached to another, you will need to serve notices under the party wall act.


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At Jeffery and Wilkes We Can Create Your Party Wall Agreement

When you are planning a loft conversion, home extension or other major renovations in a home something that often comes up that people do not know about are Party Wall issues. This page answers the following frequently asked questions.

What is a party wall?
Why do I need to know about the party wall act?
What is a party wall notice?
What is a party wall agreement?
Do I need a party wall surveyors?
What happens if I do not serve party wall notices?
What do party wall surveyors do?
How much do party wall surveyors charge?

  • Party wall agreement: £795 + VAT (For 12 hours. £95+VAT per hour thereafter. This price is per award and does not include other surveyor fees)
  • Preparing and issuing notices: £85+VAT per applicable owner

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All Your Party Wall Questions Answered

What Is A Party Wall?

A party wall is the wall that separates the building of two adjoining owners. For example, if you live in a terrace house the adjoining wall that you and your neighbour share to separate the house is the party wall.

What Do I Need To Know About The Party Wall Act?

The Party Wall Act 1996 was introduced to help resolve any disputes between neighbours as major construction works that one neighbour might have done could affect the neighbour if they share an adjoining party wall.

The party wall Act has been put in place to protect both parties

What Is A Party Wall Notice?

Under the party wall act, if a neighbour is about to carry out works where the party wall is affected then they will need to serve a party wall notice to each adjoining owner.

A party wall notice should contain a description of the work that is relevant to the party wall that is being proposed to be carried out. The owner’s names and address should be on the party wall notice, with the date. The relevant sections of the party wall act should be quoted. There are three different types of party wall notices. If a party wall notice is required you may need 1 type, 2 or even all three types of party wall notice to send to each adjoining owner affected.

The owner will have 14 days to respond to the Party Wall notice where they can confirm that are content with the notice. If the owner does not respond to the party wall notice they will be served an additional letter where they have 10 days to respond or you will enter a dispute and party wall surveyors will be appointed on their behalf.

If they dissent, then they then have the opportunity to appoint a party wall surveyors to represent them or use the building owners party wall surveyors which is known as the agreed surveyor.

If you are based in London within Jeffery and Wilkes geographical area, we can serve party wall notices on your behalf for a mere £85+VAT per party wall notice.

What Is A Party Wall Agreement?

A party wall agreement is formally known as party wall award.

As mentioned above if party wall surveyors need to be appointed because the notice was dissented then they will draw up the party wall agreement/award.

A party wall agreement is where an agreed surveyor two separate party wall surveyors work together to agree certain conditions concerning the works relevant to the party wall act. If the party wall surveyors cannot agree on certain points a third surveyor may need to get involved to resolve the issue.

Do I Need Party Wall Surveyors?

Some people wonder if they can fill in a template or create the party wall agreement themselves and ask the question is there a need for party wall surveyors?

The party wall act can be complex and therefore we would certainly advise that you appoint appropriate party wall surveyors to create your party wall agreement

What Happens If I Do Not Serve Party Wall Notices?

It is vital that you serve party wall notices to your neighbours, if you do not then they could have an injunction taken out on the work

If something were to go wrong during the build that would affect the party wall and damage was caused to the neighbour’s property in court, you could get in serious trouble for now following through on the party wall act as this involves safety etc.

What Do Party Wall Surveyors Do?

Party wall surveyors will initially evaluate all of the information such as drawings, scope of work, on-site situations.

The party wall surveyors will attend the property to carry out a condition survey and outline any concerns relevant to the party wall act.

Then the party wall surveyors will produce a draft party wall agreement/award.

The party wall surveyors will liaise with each other until they are satisfied with the final award/agreement and it is compliant with the Act.

The award is then signed by the party wall surveyors and then issued to the clients. Under the Party Wall Act the clients have 14 days to appeal the award in the county court.

How Much Do Party Wall Surveyors Charge?

The prices that Party Wall Surveyors charge varies. However many party wall surveyors in London charge up to £1500 per award. This can be very costly for the person carrying out the works as they are almost always the ones responsible to pay for the party wall awards.

Here at Jeffery and Wilkes, even though we are based in the heart of London we only charge £795+VAT per party wall award.

Why Choose Jeffery and Wilkes as Your London Party Wall Surveyors?

Jeffery and Wilkes are a leading Party Wall Surveyors firm based in London.

Our experts have years of experience carry out party wall agreements.

We have been working in London for decades and know the London market and type of properties well.

Whatever project you are planning, if you need expert advice from party wall surveyors, get in touch with Jeffery and Wilkes today on 020 88193883 and we will be able to give you the advice and help that you need for the scope of works required. We know what structural damage can be caused by building works and how important it is to have party wall surveyors that understand your needs and can satisfy your neighbours at the same time.

If you need us to help you with the notifications or the full award either way our prices are hugely competitive and our service is exceptional.


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