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Can You Have It All? Creating Space And The Wow Factor

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Yes! Adding extra space to your home with a loft conversion, home extension or by knocking down internal walls is often a necessity just to provide room to live in. If you need an extra bedroom for a growing family or an extra room for a home office, it may seem to be more of a practical decision than one about adding the wow factor to your home.

However, an extra room – even if it’s just a functional space like a utility room – can add the wow factor: and here’s how!

Freeing Up Space In The Rest Of The House

If your current kitchen houses the washing machine, tumble drier, and perhaps also serves as a boot room, I bet it can look a bit cluttered and messy at times. Similarly if you’re working from home at your dining room table or with a desk squeezed into the bedroom, that room could look overcrowded and cramped.

By creating more space and moving certain activities out of existing rooms it can have a dramatic affect on how attractive and stylish those rooms look; and how much you enjoy being in them.

The impact a growing family has on your home is a good example of this. If you bought your house, did it up, and created wonderful living spaces for you and your partner; the arrival of babies, toddlers, tweenies and teenagers can turn those spaces into something else.

Your relaxing living room doesn’t have the same wow factor when it’s become a playroom full of bright plastic toys; and you may also find it harder to unwind in the evenings if the harmony in your room has been disturbed. Similarly, using a washing machine in the kitchen works fine when you’ve only got small volumes of washing. But when you’re using it almost every day it can soon start to pile up around the house and this can feel overwhelming and spoil your enjoyment in your home.

So by creating space for these kinds of activities – utility room, home office, playroom, games room for teenagers etc. – you can reclaim your house and give it back the wow factor.

Practical Spaces Can Also Have The Wow Factor

I get great satisfaction from handing over a project to the homeowner and seeing them silently mouthing ‘wow’. It happens not just when doing the big reveal of a large kitchen and living room extension or master bedroom and en-suite loft conversion, but also when opening the door to the new utility room or playroom.

There is no reason to forget about style when designing these more practical spaces. Storage is often a key factor: having enough and being able to hide things away to make a space look less cluttered and cramped. There are many great solutions available that offer practicality with style. Such as by combining storage with seating in a playroom – storing toys or books within a window seat or cube-shaped stools.

Even in relatively small spaces it’s possible to create the wow factor. The finishes on walls and surfaces can be used to reflect light and add subtle design features that make an ordinary space look much more aspirational. Or you can add some state-of-the-art lighting solutions that not only illuminate but also add style to the overall feel of the space.

There is no reason why you should do your laundry or work from home in an unattractive space. By turning these into areas of your home into more desirable spaces it improves your quality of living and could even make chores feel less onerous!

I think that it’s really important to make the best of your space. Not just from a practical, function point of view, but also from a quality of life, happiness and wellness perspective. Well designed rooms that are a pleasure to be in, can do this.

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