Can I Get Planning Permission for a Property I Do Not Yet Own?

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Can I Get Planning Permission for a Property I Do Not Yet Own?

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Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading Building Contractors. If you are looking to purchase a property with the view to extending, you may be concerned that you will not get planning permission. Many people ask the question “is it possible to get planning permission on a property I do not own yet?”

Is it possible?
In short, yes, it is possible. You do not need to own the property in order to obtain planning permission.

Who need to be informed?
The owner or part owners of the property, Leaseholders with at least 7 years lease remaining or any agricultural tenants.

Could I encounter any problems?
Firstly, the property owners may be more reluctant to sell the property to you. Visits from architects and additional delays caused may lead them to prefer a different buyer.

If you receive planning permission, the seller may choose to put the property back on the market at a higher price. They can now add the fact that planning permission has been approved for the works you have proposed.

Does this mean I should only purchase a place that has planning permission in place already?
No, as we mention above you can certainly apply for planning permission, you just need to be aware of the risks.

However, in many cases you do not need planning permission. For example, a terraced house and semi-detached house can be extended up to 3 metres and a detached house up to 4 metres from the original house. Read our article about planning permission on a home extension on the blog section of our website.

Also for a loft conversion in many cases if you are not altering the roof space you do not need planning permission. Read our article on planning permission for a loft conversion the blog section of our website.

Even if you do not need planning permission you will still need to comply with building regulations. Read our article on what building regulations are required for a loft conversion on the blog section of our website.

How do I apply for planning permission?
On the planning portal, you need to create the correct application depending on the type of project (permitted development, planning permission etc). You fill in all the information and attach the relevant documents, pay and submit the application. This application is then validated by the local authority.

Anyone can apply for planning permission on a property. Just be aware of this risks involved as mentioned above.

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