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Does Your Family Need More Space?

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Many families have a dilemma! They love their family home. They have so many memories and those four walls have seen a lot! But now the children are starting to get older and sharing bedrooms really isn’t practical anymore. The family realise… THEY NEED MORE SPACE. Jeffery and Wilkes are London’s leading Building Contractors.

This in turn raises a bunch of issues for the family. They have looked at larger houses in the area and they are out of their price range, if they want to move to a larger house they will have to move out of the area. The affordable areas are too far from the kids schools so they would have to change schools. These areas are also further away to the parents workplace which means additional commuting in the morning. The legal fees are in the tens of thousands of pounds, your hard earned gone in an instant just on fee’s!!

There must be another way you say?

Rest assured, there is another way!

What if I were to tell you there is a way that you can have the space that you need without moving house, paying all those legal fee’s, changing schools or that extra commute to work. Not only will it save you all of this hassle it could also give you a huge return on your investment.

Yes having a loft conversion or a home extension could be the perfect solution for you.

Jeffery and Wilkes had a customer with a similar issue. They loved the area that they were in and their house. Their four children were getting older and needed their own room and they wanted a larger bedroom with an ensuite bathroom to avoid the toilet queues in the morning.

At the consultation Jeffery and Wilkes identified that a loft conversion would be a great option for them.

They had a Victorian style house and had plenty of loft space so were able to create a large master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Then each of their children were able to have their own bedroom and the parents had their perfect master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. They absolutely loved their new peaceful retreat separate from the rest of the house.


They had a straight staircase built for access.

A typical loft conversion costs approx. £50000 but adding an additional bedroom and bathroom especially in London will much likely increase the value of your house to a much higher amount so it can be a fantastic return for your investment securing you and much brighter future!

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