Adding Value and Wellbeing To Your Home

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Adding Value and Wellbeing to your Home


Our home is somewhere that we relax after a long days work, invite friends and family over to visit, bathe, sleep and carry out day to day life. Making it an environment we love and enjoy will do wonders to our well being and also add value to our most likely largest asset

So what things can you have done to your home and what benefits are there for doing it.


Many people overlook the bedroom as their guests don’t see it but this is a place where you spend your nights. Sleeping and healing. Make it an environment whereby you are happy to go to bed at night. Decorate it in your favourite colours, make sure you have a comfy bed with good pillows and duvets. Try and make your room clutter free so add many storage options.


If your bathroom is old and outdate then laying in your bath is not going to be pure luxury. Times have changed and people now want their bathrooms to be a haven instead of just a necessity. A new bathroom in London normally starts at around £7,000 but can be significantly more dependant on what you choose to put in there. Nothing beats a warm rainforest shower on the those cold winter mornings or a jacuzzi bath after a long day at work. It also adds good value to your home when prospective buyers are looking to purchase.

Living Room

Your living room is the heart of the family home. In some older houses they tend to have two rooms but both that are quite small. If you have this consider knocking them through to have one large room or if your kitchen is next door knock through the walls so you have an open plan kitchen/diner. If you have a garden and have not extended yet, consider getting a rear extension to maximise on this space even further


The options that are available now to have in our kitchens are so advanced you can create a room that is a fun and so easy to work in.

Kitchens sell homes! A kitchen can be a decision maker as to whether to go ahead or not go ahead with a sale. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals, socialising, spending time with friends and family. It’s a wise choice to get a new kitchen. If your kitchen is not very large and there is the possibility of extending it be sure to explore this option with your builder.

Smart technology has advanced. Don’t scrimp on appliances as it will affect your cooking! You can even save on electricity with modern appliances.

Create a few circuits for lighting that way you can light up a different area of the kitchen and create a different mood dependant on the task you are doing.


Decorate your house at least every 5 years. Fashions go out of date and a fresh coat of paint on the walls can lift the whole appearance of the house


Another important part of your house to make sure it is up to date and not looking tired and worn is flooring. If you have not had new flooring in the last 7 years then it’s certainly time that you refresh. Dependant on the are real wood, engineered wood, vinyl tiles are all good options

Double Glazing

If your house does not have double glazing then it is something you should look at getting it has several benefits from soundproofing to not letting out as much heat making you more energy efficient and saving money

Smart technology

Now you can control your lighting, heating, blinds, tv sound systems, music all from your phone. Make like easier and impress your friends with a smart technology system

Underfloor heating

On a cold winters morning nothing beats heated flooring it really is a luxury you will appreciate

Exterior House

Many people focus on the inside of the house but what about the exterior, what does your house exterior say about you? The exterior is what most people will see so should we not be taking care of that too. Painting the outside of your house is a great way to have it looking sparkling

To avoid problems ensure that annually your gutters are cleared

How old is your roof? Get your roof checked out to avoid bigger problems later


Do you have a driveway? When people are looking to purchase a house a driveway actually plays a big role for some people.  Prospective buyers do not want to walk half way up the road to reach their house

Back Garden

In the summer months there is nothing better than sitting outside on your decking with friends and family, BBQ is cooking with the men surrounding it with their cold beers and the women sipping on Pimm’s in the sunshine. Make sure you have decking or a patio ready so you can invite your friends over in the summer


Speak to one of our team about how we can design and build your space.